Masajes, Tratamientos Faciales y Precios en Monteverde


Hot stones Massage

The hot stone massage improves blood circulation, and facilitates the loss of volume and the elimination of toxins. A gentle foot, scalp massage and aromatherapy included. Back massage & hot stone ₡43.000 - Full body massage & hot stone minutos 90 minutes of absolute relaxation. ₡61.000.

Relaxing Massage

It is the best option to relieve and prevent symptoms such as contractures, as well as to move without discomfort or complications and continue enjoying your vacation! 30 minutes ₡21.000 - 60 minutes ₡37.000 - 90 minutes ₡57.000

Deep tissue Massage

We recommend it to athletes, people who work with a lot of tension, is deep presure always, so to finish, you will enjoy the traditional relaxing foot and scalp massage, calm your mind with the refreshing aromatherapy. 30 minutes ₡27.000 - 60 minutes ₡41.000 - 90 minutes ₡61.000

Relief Swedish Massage

Stress, back pain, tensions, tired? All these discomforts can be alleviated with a good Swedish massage, the most classic and effective version of therapeutic massage. 30 minutes ₡23.000 - 60 minutes ₡37.000 - 90 minutes ₡57.000


Art of natural healing that is used to connect your mind, body and spirit in natural balance, relieves tensions and activates circulation. 45 minutes ₡37.000

Lymphatic massage

It mobilizes fluids, eliminates waste substances in the interstitial fluid, activates the mobility of the lymphatic vessels, reabsorbs excess fluids, sedates pain, the inflammatory process and has a relaxing action. It ends with a scalp massage and aromatherapy. 60 min ₡43.000 & ₡63.000 - 90 min.

Back Massage

Most of the muscle tension is in the back! A good back massage will help to find a balance of well-being! Eliminate anxiety and stress. Includes aromateria and relaxing scalp massage. 30 minutes ₡25.000

Tired Legs

Symptoms of tired legs syndrome are: heavy legs, pain, tiredness, edema, cramps, tingling, itching, varicose veins. The massage eliminates toxins, reduces stress, nourishes the tissues, and relaxes the muscles, you will feel relieved from the stiffness of the joints. 30 min ₡21.000 - 60 min ₡37.000


Facial Cleansing Spa

A complete facial cleansing will balance our levels of oil and hydration, completely improving the appearance and health of our skin by eliminating all those substances that are harmful to our skin. Mini facial cleaning ₡21.000 - Deep Facial Cleansing ₡33.000

Ritual Honeymoom

Honey Moon Ritual

Special occasions Spa. includes: Welcome with Monteverde cheese and wine: #1 Couple Experience 60 min massage & mini facial. ₡133.000 - #2 *Special Experience* 60 min massage, body exfoliation & facial cleansing. ₡177.000 (we are flexible in changing any type of body or facial treatment)



This treatment tones, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The properties of pure cocoa are ideal for health and skin, it induces the production of endorphins, hormones responsible for producing a feeling of joy. 90 minutes ₡57.000


SCRUB AND AROMATIC WRAP The scrub is composed of coconut and fresh herbs, with cleansing agents that acquire renewed and luminous effects on the skin. After receiving an enveloping compress with body moisturizers. Includes a scalp massage and aromatherapy. ₡47.000

Ideal Treatments

Ideal Treatment and effective relaxation. Mini facial & 30 min back massage: ₡37.000 Body scrub & mini facial: ₡43.000 60 min massage and Body scrub: ₡57.000 Scalp massage and lymphatic facial for 60 min ₡42.000 & 90 min ₡63.000

Harmony & Forest

We love to give a good massage, but even more to share an atmosphere full of harmony and the tranquility of the Forests in Monteverde. We are Yolanda & Dinia. In advance welcome, it is time to relax in a massage center located in paradise, I mean, Monteverde. & this is our new studio!