Masajes, Tratamientos Faciales y Precios en Monteverde


Hot stones Massage

Relieve the tension with hot stones that will help you eliminate the feeling of fatigue.

Relaxing Massage

If you also want to see for yourself the benefits of a good relaxing massage, book your appointment. It is an experience for the senses

Masaje tejido Profundo

Deep tissue is therapeutic massage We recommend for athletes, active people or with chronic pain. We combine stretching techniques

Masaje sueco

Stress, back pain, tension, poor circulation ... all these ailments so common today can be remedied with a good Swedish massage, the most classic and effective version of therapeutic massage.



This treatment tones, remineralizes, nourishes and hydrates our skin. The properties of pure cocoa are good for health and skin, it makes us be in a good mood.


Deep Facial Cleansing Spa

A complete facial cleansing will balance our levels of oil and hydration, completely improving the appearance and health of our skin by eliminating all those substances that are harmful to our skin.

Honey Moon ritual